A photographer with many palettes, who likes to capture the happiness of people as much as breathtaking landscapes. Oguzhan Altun, founder of the Swiss Photo Club, tells us his photographic story through 6 questions.

What was your first experience with photography?

I started photography because I had to. I was organizing afterwork Wine & Tapas events in different Wine Bars, as a hobby. I needed photos to promote the event and I couldn’t afford a photographer. First I tried with a point & shoot, my photos sucked. Then I bought a better camera, however my photos still sucked. So I realized that I had to learn photography. Then I fell in love and made it a serious hobby.

Which photographers inspired you and why?

So many to count. Lately Peter Coulson and Lindsay Adler.

Do you have a project you would like to talk us about?

Making everybody hear about Swiss Photo Club and providing the best experience to all our students and customers.

Among all the images you have taken, which is your favorite and why?

The photo of Notre Dame, because everything went against my plans on that day: I was late, heavy rain started as soon as I arrived… So I had to improvise to get this original shot of this overly photographed iconic spot in Paris.

Do you have any tips for our photo readers?

  • Tell a story with your photos, try to be personal.
  • Join photography trips to spend dedicated time on photography
  • Invest in learning, not new cameras & lenses.

Can you tell us more about your conference at the Focus Day? What are you going to talk about? What will you share with the public?

I will show you all my « hacks » that I accumulated over 10 years of travel photography. Tired of coming back from your travels with boring snapshots? Want to learn the best hacks from a pro on how to take much better photos as you visit wonderful locations in the world? Join this talk to learn all the tricks that pro’s use to come back home with killer photos.

Meet Oguzhan Altun for the Swiss Photo Club the April 7 at 14h30.

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